The good news about branding your company is according to David Ogilvy, is that nobody has ever built a brand by imitating somebody else's advertising

June 11, 2014

Wonda Premium Coffee

It is a pro-bono project from a college, giving the students a new perspective towards rebranding which not only entirely on the visual itself but also endless research to justify the end result.
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Working closely in understanding your company be it operational or cultural because at the end your client is buying a value. We will bridge that link.

Branding Design

We provide ideas and up to level of design guide and rules to be implemented to suit the direction of the corporate image. It will we tailored a using with the corporate is direction systematically.

E-Commerce & Marketing

We provide not only the service of building up robust system but also training and maintenance towards operating it, nurture it. We work closely with you to avoid another white elephant out there.

Digital Advertisment

We are the agency with expertise with digital banner, email, social media, content management and content creation. Strategically working toward achieving inbound marketing effectively.


About us

We are an agency of four years old reaching our adolescent phase. Starting out as a design & print, providing design and print services to our client, which we still do, till now we are the full scale branding agency providing not only nice creative visual design but also attaching with client direction in reaching to the market.

Based with our experience and keep up to date technology in digital marketing, we work together with client to achieve their desire places in the market. Nevertheless, we design with the end in mind as a consumer to our client.

No project is too small or too big for us as at the end of the day, it is all about the value we can contribute back to the people.

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New Bryan Chen

Bryan Chen

Sales and Marketing & Tea Brewer
Meet the founder, the movie buff, the loving husband and the sometimes the copywriter, and like everybody else at Xing, brainstormer. And will go gaga over Eva Green.
New J.Y


Art Director & Storyteller
Meet the visual and art department head. Career if not this is professional snooker player. Key person in creative direction. And will go gaga over over Stephen Hendry.
New JackyYan

Jacky Yan

Web Designer & Web Developer
Meet the musician/guitarist and web techie guy. DOTA favourite hero… “Random”. Heart with big dream to become vocalist and go gaga over Bruno Mars.”The egg lover of all cooking style”.